Kaedie's Page

Kaedie is a beautiful Irish Draught mare, born in 1994 (we think). She came to Blaikiewell from Thainstone Mart with her friend Holly, who refused to leave the sale without her best friend. Fortunately, she had not sold in the ring and rather that use brute force to load Holly we were able to buy Kaedie and bring them both home together.

When she arrived her feet had large sand cracks and were in poor condition but with attention from our farrier and good nutrition these have grown out and her feet are in much better condition.

She developed a back problem a few years ago and retired from the school. Retirement agrees with her. She is sweet natured and would love a sponsor to make her feel extra special.



Kaedie 2004

Kaedie 2019

Kaedie 5/6/19

Kaedie 27/6/19

Kaedie 2/9/19

Kaedie 25/10/19

Kaedie turning her best side to the camera

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