Hagar was born in 1994. He was a charming Shetland Pony, full of character and fun. A year before he came to Blaikiewell, he was about to be homeless along with his friends, Zoot and Harry because the owner was going abroad. However the lady who bought the house saw them and asked if she could keep them. Then a year later she herself was posted abroad. After trying many sanctuaries, she found our website and all three ponies came here. They were all delightful and we were very happy to have them. Harry died when he was 30, in 2010.

Hagar was shy when he came but after he had been around the yard he soon showed us his real personality. He frequently visited the tackroom, when anyone was having coffee and he did his best to slip into the feed store at any opportunity. He found his own special devoted person when Bekah sponsored him and spent as much time as she could pampering him, even making him a woolly hat for the winter, which he seemed to like.

He died very unexpectedly and suddenly. We all miss him.

Hagar, in the shade, with Holly and Megan

Feed store door

Hagar 2012

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