Dougal's Page

Dougal was born in 2001 and came to Blaikiewell from the local horse market when he was 2 after he had endeared himself to our director by grabbing her sleeve as she was about to walk away from his stall. He probably grabbed every sleeve he could reach, but he came home to Blaikiewell and we have never regretted it.

He has always been very people orientated and is very friendly and lovable. He works in our riding school and is a great favourite with both children and adults.

He now has a young sponsor, Tara, who visits regularly to give him the hugs and atttention he loves.


Dougal and Posy


Dougal and friends in the valley 1/5/19

Dougal relaxing in the valley 13/9/19

Dougal's happy reunion with Posy 13/9/19
Yesterday saw Dougal come in for the farrier. His best friend Posy has been in for a few weeks now as she recovers from laminitis. Yesterday was a lovely reunion for the pair and they were delighted to spend some time together.

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