Dingo's Page

Dingo was a black welsh pony who came to live here for over twenty years after his owner couldn't keep him. He suffered bad laminitis prior to arriving at Blaikiewell, and we had to be careful with his management, but with monthly hoof trimming and low protein feed, he became sound in a few months and was lightly ridden by small children who adored him.

When he retired he spent much of his time wandering around the tracks between the fields, having escaped when someone had entered his field. It was completely safe for him and there is grass in the verges, which of course is why he liked to be there. In the summer we let some of the other old ponies join him and they all made their way to the yard gate at meal times.

In their last few years Dingo and Bracken had free access to all the tracks and were always first to greet us in the morning. Dingo died on the 30 December 2020. Bracken died seven weeks before and Dingo went downhill quickly after losing his best friend.



Dingo 20/5/19

Dingo 14/7/19

Dingo and Aref enjoying a graze together 2/10/19

Dingo rocking his starry rug 9/10/19

Bracken and Dingo Summer 2020.

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