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Bracken was a big happy boy who worked in the riding school when he first arrived and had many devoted fans as they felt so safe riding him.

His former owner still donated generously every month and visited him whenever she was back in the area. He enjoyed his retirement with his friends.

He had a young sponsor, Chloe, who regulary travelled fifty miles to spend time with him. He loved the hugs and attention.

Recently, Eilidh, a member of Bracken's former family, made the following interesting remarks on our FaceBook page. We were delighted to learn more about his early life.

"We got Bracken from a riding school in 1996 I think and he was with us til about 2008. He was 6. We were told he’d been brought over from Ireland and had been neglected, left in a field with his tail in a bandage until his tail hair fell out. We also had a pony, Strawberry, and she used to beat him up. My sisters did show jumping and cross country with him and he would jump anything, no matter how scary.
My dad used to ride him sometimes (like a sack of potatoes). He loved my dad and used to come galloping to the stables when my dad called him and would prick his ears up when my dad cheered him on around show jumping courses. Some people in the pony club didn’t like that, but I think they were jealous as he would get compliments at the horse shows.
He had some other special skills like destroying his expensive rugs and getting poo in strange places in his stable. "

In his last few years, Bracken and Dingo became inseparable friends. They had the free access to all the track and were always first to greet us in the morning. Dingo went down hill quicky after Bracken died and joined him seven weeks later. They were a prominent friendly presence on the yard and they left a big gap.




Bracken and his sponson Chloe

Bracken 9/6/19

Bracken patiently waiting to get back to his field

Bracken paying one of his visits to the feed store.
He loves following us around for feeds and cuddles!

Bracken decided to have a walk down the track with us this afternoon.
Here he is meeting Eric at the field gate

Bracken in action aged around eight.
Photo kindly provided by Eilidh Ogden. Roseanne Ogden riding.

Bracken and Dingo Summer 2020.

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