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Atti is a very cute Shetland gelding. He came to Blaikiewell with his 3 friends, PC, Danny and Hamish, some time after they had been rescued from the meat mart by their former owner who still donates generously every month.

His best friend is Holly a big Quarter Horse mare. Holly does not cross the burn that runs through the valley where the horses love to go in the summer, and Attie faithfully stays alongside her all the time.

2nd April 2019
I let the horses down to the valley today for the first time this year. They were so happy thundering down the hill and over the burn. Holly of course, didn't cross the burn and was grazing on the narrow strip of grass along the fence at the near side. I was watching them all from the top and after they had grazed for a few minutes they all went galloping off to the far end of the valley. Then Atti stopped and looked back at Holly. He stood for a moment looking back at the horses galloping away and then decided he had to be faithful to Holly and headed back to cross the ford. Orby joined him and they both went back to where Holly could see them. Horses are fantastic.

Atti enjoying attention from his biggest fan!

Brent, Atti and Hamish

Atti 17/10/19

Atti 14/11/19

Atti with his best friend Ruairidh February 2020

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